Coolermaster CM Storm Quickfire TK gaming keyboard review – National PC game

This means you must use existing keys (INS, DEL, etc. I tend to game in the dark frequently or even exclusively (as do many PC gamers), and being an experienced typist/gamer I still occasionally get my left hand out of position from the W-A-S-D cluster.


The Quickfire TK and its clickity-clackity Cherry MX blue switches won me over quickly, which is hardly surprising because I’m a big fan of Cherry MX blue switches. My review unit is backed by Cherry MX Blue switches and comes with blue LED lighting.

Bryan Edge-Salois

The small but spunky CM Storm Quickfire TK sports LED backlighting and a small form factor, but it still has room for a 10-key numpad.

Coolermaster / CM Storm

Without back lighting, I’m forced to hunt for the key I need by the ambient light of my monitor. This frequently means getting killed in the face in whatever game I’m playing (Tribes Ascend, Borderlands 2, etc.)

The Quickfire TK is available in 3 different models, each backed by a different type of mechanical switch and sporting a different colored LED to differentiate them.




Weight: 544 g/1.2 lbs

Overall: 5/5 stars

At about $90, the Quickfire TK is only about $10-$15 more than its sibling the Quickfire Rapid, and about $10 more than Razer’s BlackWidow TE–and I’d be inclined to recommend it over both of them for the back lighting alone. In addition to 5 levels of brightness and a ‘breathe’ mode (which are fairly common to back lit keyboards), the Quickfire TK enables you to light only the W-A-S-D and arrow key clusters, or turn off all back lighting except for the FN key and F12 key (which is used with the FN key to disable the Windows key). for example) that already have standard assignments to make program with macros. The cable channels work very well and snugly hold the stiff, braided USB cable in place.

Admittedly while reviewing the Quickfire TK I did miss having extra macro keys or the flexibility to program macros like you can the Razer BlackWidow TE.

Features & Tech Specs

The basic feature and specification run-down for the CM Storm Quickfire TK are as follows (courtesy of Coolermaster):

Regardless, , the Quickfire TK would still probably be my (small form factor) mechanical keyboard of choice for traveling, taking to work, or desktop gaming in an environment where space is tight. The only thing the Quickfire TK is really missing is a nice carrying bag for travel.

The Quickfire TK is a mechanical keyboard designed to consume little desk space and to be travel-friendly. (But you can also use keyboard profiles to circumvent this problem.). (FN+NUM KEY 7 is the Insert (INS) command, for example.) Similarly, LED brightness controls, LED mode, and media keys are accessed via the FN and F1-F12 keys.

The Quickfire TK also has a detachable USB cable and excellent cable channels underneath the keyboard so you can route the cable straight forward from the middle of the keyboard or out the left or right sides. The INS, DEL, PRT SCR, and other keys are accessed by pressing the Quickfire TK’s FN key in conjunction with the appropriate number key on the 10-key pad. But the Quickfire TK has two features not found on some of its competitors, including CM Storm’s own Quickfire Rapid and Razer’s BlackWidow TE (Tournament Edition): back lighting and a full 10-key numpad, which is often sacrificed to save space in most small keyboards.

More typically, however, I may need locate a key that I may not use often, such as a macro key, a profile switch key, or something else that lies outside the standard layout of your typical keyboard. And like other CM Storm mechanical keyboards, the Quickfire TK is available in different models based upon the mechanical switches the keyboard uses, Cherry MX Blue (the noisy ones), Red (the ‘softest touch’ or lowest resistance switches ones), or Brown (medium resistance switches).

LED back lighting solves that problem, saves my face from getting killed now and again, and even adds a little colorful personality to your gaming environment. But while the BlackWidow TE enables you to create macros and assign them to keys, bear in mind that it doesn’t provide dedicated macro keys.

Cherry MX Blue/ Brown/ Red switches (review unit used blue)

ABS, grip coated, removable keycaps

Keycap Puller included

5 levels and 3 modes of Backlight (Breathing, WASD or full backlight)

6 NKRO (N-key rollover) (windows only)

1000 Hz /1 ms polling rate

USB 2.0

1.8m, braided, gold plated, removable USB cable

Coolermaster’s CM Storm Quickfire TK mechanical gaming keyboard lights up your life–and may be one of the best small form-factor mechanical keyboards you can buy.

CM Storm Quickfire TK mechanical gaming keyboard

CM Storm Quickfire TK mechanical gaming keyboard

Even if you can take or leave the 10-key number pad, I consider back lighting an essential feature for PC gaming keyboards.

Although the Quickfire TK is about an inch wider than either the Quickfire Rapid or Razer TE keyboards, it also has a full 10-key pad. But really it’s about the face.

Back lighting (in my opinion) is an essential feature for a gaming keyboard. The Quickfire TK with Cherry MX Red switches is backed by red LED lighting, and the model based on Cherry MX Brown switches is backed by white LED lighting. No matter how you slice it, the Quickfire TK is an excellent best-in-class keyboard and earns an “Examiner’s Choice” award. The Quickfire TK feels crisp and responsive and it offers the same satisfying albeit noisy key clicks that my Razer BlackWidow Ultimate does.

Coolermaster even adds some LED frosting to the cake (so to speak) by providing some alternate LED lighting options. While it’s nice to have the option, it can be a bit challenging deciding which key you can assign a macro to without potentially causing trouble in other programs

LSU vs. Georgia 2013: College Football Live Online & TV Coverage

Among them, is this battle of top ten heavyweights. Meanwhile, this will make for Georgia’s third top ten opponent in just four games for the season. That said, today’s game will make for their first true test of the first part of the 2013 college football season.

Who will win today’s SEC and top ten battle: LSU Tigers or Georgia Bulldogs? Will today’s winner end up in the BCS Championship picture by the end of the season?

Game time is set for 3:30 p.m. A win today will go a long way to prove their national championship aspirations and abilities.

LSU has defeated #20 TCU in their opener, and then UAB, Kent State and Auburn. There’s also a live stream expected at the CBS Sports site here, also starting at 3:30 p.m. These two SEC teams are currently ranked among the top 10 in the nation, making for a major showdown that could have future implications in the SEC title chase, and ultimately, the BCS championship game. The game will be featured on CBS nationally and CBS Sports website according to ATL All Day.

Today’s NCAA football live stream and TV schedule features at least three match ups involving teams that are both currently ranked. The next two games were blowouts followed by a two touchdown win over SEC foe Auburn, 35-21. Just last weekend, they took down North Texas 45-21, giving the Bulldogs a 2-1 record overall, with a 1-0 conference mark. EST. The #9 Georgia Bulldogs suffered a season-opening loss against Clemson by just a few points, then were able to bounce back and defeat ranked SEC opponent South Carolina, for a big win. Currently, Georgia, the home team, is a 3-point favorite to win, although LSU may have something to say about that!. Eastern Standard Time with CBS broadcasting to the nation via local affiliate stations. So far, LSU has been undefeated, but some may say they’ve been relatively untested in their first four games. Their opening win, the only game they’ve had versus a ranked opponent, was their closest margin of victory, as they won by 10 points. Today they’ll have a rowdy home crowd on their side as they attempt to take down the #6 overall team in the polls.

The LSU vs. Georgia 2013 college football game will feature live online and television coverage on Saturday, September 28

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Top Reasons to Quit Smoking

If you keep smoking you will be wearing oxygen ranks everywhere you go.

Sad and Painful Death

By quitting smoking you will show that you are the leader of your own life No longer do you need to be beholden to a nasty substance that physically and mentally addicts you like cigarette tobacco. Quit smoking and protect your children. Smoking destroys enamel in your teeth and makes them yellowish and ugly. Your children should always come first and you need to quit smoking. If you figure it out at $5.00 per pack and smoke 2 packs a day then you are spending about $1,800 per year on smoking. The new found self-confidence you can achieve when you overcome something as addictive as cigarette smoking can help you to go on and achieve many other activities in your life you may have previously though was impossible to accomplish for yourself.

More Athletic

If you go to the dentist to get your teeth whitened and then leave and smoke a cigarette you are stupid. Second hand smoke can be the smoke inside that sinks into the walls and clothing and every other surface. Unfortunately you won’t be able to because you chose to smoke. If you smoke in the presence of you children then it can and will harm them. Have you ever smelled a fart from a heavy smoker with that deep and intense aroma? Yeah,it stinks bad. You think as long as you smoke outside that nobody n smell it on you but they can. Oxygen tanks suck and you do not want to have to rely on one in order to survive. You are in control of your life when you dominate cigarettes by squashing them from your life permanently. Many asthmatic diseases are caused by secondhand smoke that children were forced to be around. In some areas it can cost over a $100 for a carton of cigarettes. Imagine if you were to save $1,800 for a few years what you could buy with it!

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Third Hand smoke is a danger that we are learning more about. Years later it can still emit dangerous toxins to un-expecting people.

Oxygen Tanks

Not only can you spend more time with your kids when you are alive because you will not always be running outside to smoke, you also will be able to live longer and thus be able to spend more time with your children. Avoid smoking cigarettes and your visits to the dentist’s office will be much more productive.

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Smoking stinks

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Yellowed Teeth

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The cost of cigarettes continues to climb. Here are some of the top reasons to stop smoking.

Master Your Life

 Secondhand and third hand Smoke can endanger your Children

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Family Time

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You Can Win Big at a Casino! Myth or Truth?

With today’s machines, the handle has no effect on what numbers come up. The random number generator generates numbers constantly. And the worst odds are probably Keno. I think it’s an obvious strategy that they have.”. The odds will catch up with you if you play long enough. “Right now these would be on a cold spurt, and we’re all still sitting here playing. Here the house — the government — takes half your money. It doesn’t matter what happened the last 100 times. When you press the button, or pull the handle, you lock in whatever numbers were up then. But you can improve your chances. But think about the odds. For instance, many players have theories such as one that casinos put their better-paying machines at the entrances or at the end of each row. The house keeps $25 out of $100 bet.

“If that were the case, we wouldn’t have anybody playing anywhere but the end aisles,” said Larry Mullin, president and chief operating officer of the Borgata.

There’s no way around it. Another believes casinos do it to “draw more people in. Casinos keep an average of 2 percent to 12 percent of each spin. I’m afraid to get up because I feel like if I get up, the next person’s going to win. We’re waiting for them to hit.”

Her friend agreed. The slots are worse. Each pull is a totally fresh start.

In fact even the handle pull is a joke. Those machines are long gone. I will sit there and put more money in. That’s what gamblers at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City said.

Another myth is that a machine is “hot” or “cold” — that eventually a machine is due to pay off.

“The fact is, it’s a myth,” said the Borgata’s Mullin. “We need people winning everywhere in order to have people coming back here.”

“The higher-paying machines are closer to the aisles,” one woman said. The spinning reels just provide suspense.

Other casino experts confirm it. “The odds are the same every time you pull the handle.”

But casino odds are not nearly as bad as the government’s “casinos”: state lotteries. So, it’s kind of hard to walk away.”

A ‘Cold’ Machine Is Due to Get ‘Hot’

One man said, “They like to put them wherever there’s high traffic so the people walking by see it and they go, ‘Oh, I’m gonna play the slots because everybody’s hitting.’”

Of course, people do win money. They don’t make that money by losing to you.

A spin of the roulette wheel will probably cost you twice that. It costs bundles of money to pay for all the glitzy buildings, spectacular attractions, all those employees and all the fat profits that casinos make. At one time, when slot machines were mechanical, the handle pull spun the reels. It’s a myth that the end of the aisle gives you an advantage. If a casino tried to do that, the government would call it a scam.

“You have the same chance of winning whether you’re at the back of the casino, the middle of the casino, the north of the casino, the south of the casino, the fact is, you have the same chance of winning anywhere,” Mullin said. They’ve created lots of myths about gambling, like there are ways to beat the odds and win — if you just know the right strategy.

Know the Odds

Slot machines are the favorite game for most casino gamblers and they’ve inspired many myths. However, one truth is that the more expensive machines like the dollar machines pay out a higher percentage of what you put in than the quarter machines, and the quarter machines pay out more than the nickel machines.

Location, Location, Location

“Sure, if you do play a machine long enough it’s going to go through its hot and cold spurts,” one woman said, pointing to the machines she and her friends were playing. If you play blackjack well, or baccarat, or you bet pass/don’t pass in craps, casinos will keep about a dollar for every $100 bet.

Gamblers are a superstitious breed. “Absolutely.

That’s because the slot machine’s results are controlled by a computer chip called a random number generator

Memorable Gifts For Women in Your Life

Greeting Card Organizer: For those who enjoy sending out greeting cards and keeping track of birthdays and other important dates, a greeting card organizer can be a pretty gift that will help them stay organized. It is great for keeping track of important information and events. Bonus: The same website also has information and worksheets to print out for Christmas! I have enjoyed using my personalized Christmas Planner for the past two years, and it makes the holidays much more organized, and easier to enjoy.

Journal Jar and Journal: This is an idea that I have used once, and it is easy to make. I found this idea on the Organizedhome website. The list goes on. Photo albums can be straightforward, and scrapbooks are for those who want to be more creative with the decorative paper, embellishments and captions/journalling.

The point of this gift is for the recipient to gradually take out and write the answers or responses to the prompts onto the journal, and by the time the jar is empty, the journal should be pretty full of information about her life and her views. I think it is a good idea to come up with interesting things you can do for her (and I don’t mean Martha), and personalize the coupon book.

Digital Photos: Get together all of the photos from your digital camera or computer that she would like. Over the years, I got some recipes from her, and copied some down from her old cookbooks. See the Martha Stewart link below for details. You can also add photos, like in a scrapbook.

Digital Recipe File is something different that might be a good idea for a gift. Type up and/or get together recipe files you have that she would like, and compile them onto a disc or usb flash drive. I have one myself, and I also put one together for my mother last year. I bought one quite a while ago. A few gift basket themes: Movie Night, Coffee or Tea Break, Spa Day, Gardening, Writer’s Basket, Sports, Baking, Breakfast, Ice Cream Sundae Party, Fruit, Beach, Aromatherapy, Gourmet Food, Soup, Popcorn, Snack, Spicy Foods, Game Day, Book Basket, Relaxing Bath, or Candle.

Pre-made Recipe Book that you write photos in. All you need for this project is a journal, a mason jar, and paper. You may decorate the index cards, or leave them plain.

Recipe Scrapbook that you add recipes to. They can be about childhood, beliefs, traditions, family, or whatever else you think would be interesting. There are many ways to go with this idea.

Scrapbook or Photo Album: These are usually very cherished gifts. If desired, embellish. As a bonus, maybe include a gift card to a site or a store where she can get some of the photos printed out, or use it to buy a personalized gift with one or some of the photos. To make it, buy a binder, dividers, protector sheets (if desired), and either print out some of the worksheets provided on the website, or type up your own. She can upload or print out any that she desires.

Recipes: My Mom loves to cook and bake. There are many fantastic things out there that can be personalized with photos.

Household Binder/Notebook: This is another idea I got from, so feel free to check out the link to the right. To see more information on this project, and print out the many journal prompts provided, click on the link to the right. I went through all of the recipes I had, browsed online, and typed up and printed out ones that I knew she would like. If desired, you can write your own prompts.

Gift Basket: I think gift baskets are a great way to group related gifts together in a presentable way. Save it on a disc or usb flash drive, and give it to her to do whatever she pleases with them. All you need is a binder, a scrapbook, or a photo album, and paper to write or print out recipes on (either regular or decorative paper), and plastic page protector sheets. They come in many sizes, from ones that fit into your pocket, to binder size.

Recipe Box, either with pretty recipe cards or index cards that you can jot recipes down in. During one of those fierce storms in New England, her apartment was completely flooded, and she lost everything. When she is done, she can keep it for herself, or give it to a loved one who would value it.. It came with many decorative papers, and two different size recipe pages to write the recipes on, as well as decorative subject dividers, plastic protector sheets, and embellishments. One gift she found very meaningful was a recipe book, full of her old recipes, as well as a few new ones. In this case, you can either complete the scrapbook yourself, with recipes, photos, embellishments and captions, or you can give them what they need to craft it themselves (but maybe add a few of your own recipes, if desired, just to start the process).

Recipe Binder that you put together yourself. Get together photos you already have, or go through your digital photos for ones you want to give to her, and have them printed to put in the scrapbook or album. This binder can have as many categories and pages as desired for an organized household: emergency list, phone numbers, addresses and birthdays, planner pages, household lists, finances, projects, recipes and menus, fitness, family and school, vacations. Fill it, or leave space for her to add more later on. Most of them have an envelope of folder to hold greeting cards for every month, and space to write down birthdays and other special dates.

Coupon Book: Either print out a coupon book template, or create your own. It is a great gift for someone who likes to write, or who is very reflective. A journal jar can just be a simple, decorated mason jar with slips of folded paper that contain questions or writing prompts, usually of a variety of topics

New Asian restaurants at Maryland Live and Horseshoe Casinos – Baltimore dining

The Chef de Cuisine Joseph Ku brings 30 years of culinary experience from 4 star hotels, restaurants and casino from his native Hong Kong and throughout the United States.

Grand opening of Luk Fu restaurant at Maryland Live Casino.  Featuring authentic Asian dishes in a contemporary environment just steps from the gaming floor, Ruby 8 will offer gourmet quality cuisine, made-to-order and served quickly..

photographs by Dara Bunjon©

· Jack Binion’s Steakhouse – named for the man who made the Horseshoe a nationally recognized name and brought unsurpassed dining to his casinos.

· Johnny Sánchez, a spirited taqueria that will be the first collaboration between renowned culinary masters John Besh and Aarón Sánchez.

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore today announced that Ruby 8 Noodle and Sushi Bar will join the casino’s extensive lineup of restaurant concepts that will debut when the casino opens in August.

· Guy Fieri’s Baltimore Kitchen Bar, which will bring the signature style of the chef, restaurateur, Emmy Award winning host and New York Times bestselling author to Charm City.

Ruby 8 will join several other restaurant concepts being introduced at Horseshoe Baltimore when it opens in August, including:

Ruby 8 will offer dishes straight from China, Vietnam and Korea including beef chow fun, roasted duck, lobster with scallions and spicy pork, as well as an array of fresh sushi prepared with Maryland seafood. Ribbon cutting ceremony. Kai Lam, a noted master chef from Hong Kong, will serve as Master Executive Chef of Ruby 8.

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Cavuto: Don’t bet on ‘sure bets’ | Common Sense | Your World with Cavuto

This much is the same.

That we’ll never see a scourge like the Nazis, only to see another one called ISIS.. president so exposed.

Even though three more times we did.

Each is different.

We all get cocky.

And it’s only a moment.

Because while new circumstances are different, the course of circumstances isn’t.

We won’t see another 9/11 because it’s different this time.

And what we learn from that moment because it only seems to last a moment.

It’s different this time.

Even though history proves we tend to repeat history.

Until nearly 20 years later, something worse, did.

Like after the Apollo 1 fire and three astronauts died in their capsule in 1967, we said that something like that would never happen again.

We all assume things are different this time.

We all get over confident.

Or another meltdown in stocks because that was a unique set of events at that time.

Even though we didn’t.

Or that a stock market crash like the one in 1929 couldn’t be repeated, until it was in 1987 and a couple of times since.

How many times have you heard that time-worn expression?

We all get ahead of ourselves.

I guess I’m not saying anything profound here, just that we all remember we live in the moment,

Or those who insisted after World War I, that it wasn’t the war to end all wars, after all.

Or another market bubble, because we learned from the last one.

That’s the thing about sure bets. Don’t bet on ‘em.

The only thing that’s different this time is that it’s never really that different any time.

The folks who insisted 150 years ago after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln that we’d never leave a U.S

Maynard century helps Wellesbourne gain quickfire revenge on Leamington

Harry Jackman was next to go when Hawkes caught him off Lord, who then grabbed his fourth wicket when he bowled Jamie Maynard for 12.

Bourne kept the pressure on and the eighth wicket fell when Mark Davison was caught at long-off by Gary Maynard off Stephenson and the innings closed shortly after on 212 for eight.

An excellent century from Gary Maynard enabled Bourne to record a 28-run victory over Leamington 3rds at Loxley Close and gain some revenge for the previous week’s loss to the same opponents.

In another excellent game of cricket between two well-matched sides, the visitors won the toss and put Bourne in to bat.

With the total on 121, Cowan was bowled by Jamie Maynard for 53 and Bourne’s slow bowlers then began to cause Leamington problems.

However, Leamington still seemed in control as they reached 170 for three before some fine fielding from Stephenson and Jackman resulted in Billy Hallett being run out going for a risky third run.

When Jackman took his third wicket, having Hawkes caught by Stephenson for 23, Bourne now sensed a chance.

Their partnership was broken at 116 when Gabbett was trapped lbw by Dave Lord for 25 and John Edden followed on 141 when he played on to Tom Davison. Jackman (3-35), Stephenson (3-49) and Jamie Maynard (1-36) took the bowling honours for Bourne, who lie second in the Cotswold Hills Premier Division, 19 points behind leaders Exhall and Wixford.

Killian was well caught in the deep by Butcher off Jackman for a fine 60 and Tom Davison (20) was smartly caught by Jamie Maynard off Jackman.

Maynard then began to dominate the partnership, soon completing his half -century.

Tom Shearsby (23) and Tom Stephenson (21 not out) rallied the innings in the final stages, with the innings closing on 240 for nine.

Leamington openers Liam Killian and Jim Cowan began their innings in similar fashion to Wellesbourne’s, with runs quick in coming.

Openers Gary Maynard and Nick Gabbett got off to a flying start with both players peppering the boundary and running well between the wickets.

Maynard continued to score freely and reached a deserved century before departing stumped by Matt Dale off Lord for 106 with the score on 156.

Hawkes finished with four for 36, Lord four for 43 and Davison one for 36.

Stephenson removed Williams caught and bowled before he had Lord stumped by Barnett for 11 and suddenly Leamington were 193 for seven with the run rate rising.

Bourne then lost their momentum as the Leamington slow bowlers took control, with the scoring rate dropping dramatically as wickets fell.

Hawkes then got in on the act, bowling both Dave Barnett and Travis Butcher and having John Smith lbw to reduce the home side to 203 for eight. .

The duo both brought up half-centuries as Leamington moved into three figures before Bourne made the breakthrough in the 21st over.

The century stand was brought up in the 16th over, with one Jack Hawkes over going for 17 runs

DEQ Releases the HAWK – Intelligent Baccarat Shoe.

TSX Venture does not accept any responsibility regarding the

accuracy of the information contained in this press release. The HAWK is an Intelligent

Baccarat Shoe using optical-based technology that can read any type of

playing card.0×20 The HAWK perfectly integrates with DEQ’s patented

baccarat outcome tracking and display system EZ Trak.0×20 The HAWK now

enables DEQ to offer a complete baccarat solution to its customers

including its proprietary EZ Baccarat game, baccarat shoe and EZ Trak

baccarat display.

Forward-looking statements contained in this Press Release involve

known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause

actual results, performance and achievements of the Company to be

materially different from any future results, performance or

achievements expressed or implied by the said forward-looking

statements. The HAWK is completely

integrated with DEQ’s EZ Trak[sup.[TM]] and offers a digital

pipeline for DEQ’s clients to Cloud, Mobile, Internet and Remote

betting solutions.

LEVIS, QC, May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – DEQ Systems Corp.

ABOUT DEQ DEQ Systems Corp.


COPYRIGHT 2012 PR Newswire Association LLC

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

ABOUT THE HAWK[sup.[TM]] The HAWK is a card vendor neutral,

intelligent shoe that reads any type of playing card. Dealer ergonomics

was another key focus as well as increasing player confidence in

intelligent shoes. All rights reserved.

“The HAWK project had several ambitious goals”, stated

Earle G. “First and foremost, our

goal was to offer a leading edge product with enhanced security features

as well as operational efficiencies for our clients. DEQ provides table game bonusing technology, table

games, table game results tracking and jackpot connectivity solutions to

more than 275 casinos in 30 countries. Hall, President CEO of DEQ. Our vision was to integrate this important data

reception point of card results into our EZ Trak product line to provide

real-time data to our clients and partners for Cloud, Internet, Mobile,

Remote betting and information solutions as we accelerate into the

digital era of gaming.” . The HAWK’s

competitive advantages focus on enhanced game security and operational

efficiencies as well as dealer ergonomics and player confidence. DEQ is an intellectual property

focused company that has an extensive patent portfolio of more than 20

patents recognized in 50 countries.

Copyright 2012 Gale, Cengage Learning. (TSXV: DEQ) is a customer centric

company that delivers best of breed table game technology related

products to the global gaming industry that add value and increase

client revenue. The EZ

Baccarat[sup.[TM]] edition of the HAWK offers important surveillance

features for Dragon 7[sup.[TM]] and Panda 8[sup.[TM]] occurrences to

ensure optimal operational performance. (TSXV:

DEQ)(“DEQ” or the “Company”) announces that it

received BMM certification for the HAWK