English Premier League recap – Buffalo Soccer

And then there’s Aston Villa, who two years ago were legitimate challengers to the top four. They have a ton of depth, and they’re only going to get healthier.

Goal of the week: Easy one this week. They remain out of the relegation zone only because of goal-differential after taking one point away from their 1-1 draw with Birmingham City. Steelers, Pats vs. Both United and City share the lead with 45 points after City survived a scare from Wolverhampton, winning 4-3 on the strength of two goals by the Premier League’s leading scorer, Carlos Tevez. Arsenal got a brace from Robin Van Persie and helped to bury West Ham even further into the basement with a 3-0 win over the Hammers.

And you thought Rafael Soriano’s contract was idiotic: Sunderland are perched to sell English international striker Darren Bent to Aston Villa for a staggering £24 million. Carlos Tevez making it look like AYSO vs. The Reds and Blues drew 2-2 after Dutch forward Dirk Kuyt converted a penalty in the 68th minute.

Fulham, who have done just enough to keep themselves outside of the bottom three all season, did it again on Sayurday, earning another lazy 1-1 draw with Wigan. Wolves.

Ravens vs. City struggled to beat Wolves, lost ugly at home to Everton, and they still don’t play with much of an identity. Things were much more tame this time around in the Villa/Birmingham game, but the last time the two took the pitch, riot police had to make an appearance post-game.

Outside of what can now be called the big five (Spurs being the fifth team in the mix), Bolton dropped a 2-0 decision to Stoke City, allowing Sunderland to widen their lead in sixth place after the Black Cats got a 94th minute equalizer from United States’ nemesis, Ghanaian striker Asamoah Gyan in their 1-1 draw with their hated rivals from Newcastle.. Chelsea got back on the winning track with a 2-0 win over Blackburn. The Blues dominated proceedings, but struggled to convert on their multitude of chances. He’s a freelancer who doesn’t do any one thing great, and tends to be a malcontent if he doesn’t play all 90 minutes, every game.

It’s anybody’s guess: As it stands now, the oddsmakers in England have Manchester City and United as dead-even favorites to win the league, but really, it could be any of the top five. It’s always, ALWAYS classic when Liverpool and the Toffees battle, and Sunday’s game was no different. Villa are desperate to stay out of the relegation zone, but Darren Bent is the equivalent of Carmelo Anthony. Sir Alex and his boys were held to a 0-0 draw against Spurs at White Hart Lane.

Liverpool and Everton threw down like heavyweights in their Merseyside Derby. United are what they are, and they’ll be a factor all the way through the last weekend, but I’d throw a couple bucks on Arsenal to win the league if you forced me to bet. He will get his numbers no matter where he plays, but he plays outside of the system. Jets? Not bad, but those match-ups don’t come anywhere near the Liverpool/Everton, Aston Villa/Birmingham or Sunderland/Newcastle clashes that the weekend held in the English Premier League.

The top of the table continues to be owned by Manchester

A Look At How Organized Crime Corrupts The ‘Beautiful Game’

Embassy in Sofia as reporting that “Bulgarian soccer clubs are widely believed to be directly or indirectly controlled by organized crime figures who use their teams as a way to legitimize themselves, launder money and make a fast buck.”

“There is a strong link between good governance in the bodies that run sports and the sport organizations’ credibility in the fight against match-fixing,” Schenk wrote in a commentary. and then they could also use the club to launder money,” Forrest said. They did – and one even crashed his car after the match, prompting a police investigation that uncovered the fix.

“It’s liquidity of the markets,” Forrest said. The wave hides the mastermind of the bet. He told the AP that “realistically, there is no way” FIFA can tackle organized crime by itself, saying it needs more help from national law enforcement agencies.

FIFA bans include some elite figures in the sport. “It’s quite cheap to buy a football club because so many of them are failing.”

Criminals are always trying to find the sweet spot between how poorly the players are paid and how much bettors want to wager on a game, Forrest said. Prior to that, she covered FIFA for AP in Zurich. 22 memo, FIFA urged its members to demand that referees tell soccer authorities immediately about “any suspicious situations, contact or information.”

Serbian player Boban Dmitrovic says he saw many instances in his home country where two clubs simply agreed on the outcome in advance.


Europol, the European Union’s police body, announced last week that it had found 680 “suspicious” games worldwide since 2008, including 380 in Europe.

In 2011, China’s main TV network refused to broadcast the country’s soccer games because match-fixing was so widespread. Interpol organized other raids in 2011 and 2012, but does not make arrests or conduct national investigations itself.

In 2011, Turkey’s venerable Fenerbahce soccer club won 16 of its last 17 national league games to stay in the coveted Champions League – a benefit it estimated as worth $58.5 million a year. has its own sordid history of gambling scandals, from baseball’s Black Sox in the 1919 World Series to a handful of point-shaving schemes in college basketball over the years, to an NBA referee taking money from a professional gambler for inside tips on basketball games, including some that he officiated in 2007.


Ralf Mutschke, FIFA’s security chief, admits that soccer officials had underestimated the scope of match-fixing. Follow her at snormanculp(at)twitter.com

“This turned my life upside down,” he said. Eaton, the former FIFA expert, has cited an estimated $500 billion a year.

“Right before the match, a note was handed to the players. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S., the war on terror relegated the fight against organized crime to a distinct second place, and that allowed gangs “to invest in new areas of the economy with relative impunity for nearly 10 years.”

At least 50 nations in 2012 had match-fixing investigations – almost a quarter of the 209 members of FIFA, soccer’s governing body – involving hundreds of people.

“We do not detect it better,” Eaton said in an interview with the AP. In Italy, a goalkeeper under heavy pressure from organized crime to fix a game in 2010 resorted to drugging several of his teammates so they would play badly. We can say generally that UEFA competitions are very healthy in this respect.”

Officials who govern the sport can’t stop match-fixing by themselves and need the cooperation of law enforcement bodies and governments across borders, said Schenk of Transparency International.

Criminals have realized that it can be vastly easier to shift gambling profits across borders than it is to move contraband.

During the 2010 World Cup, police in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand arrested more than 5,000 people in Interpol-organized raids on nearly 800 illegal gambling dens. In July 2012, Fenerbahce President Aziz Yildirim was convicted of fixing four of those games and bribing to influence the outcome of three others. Right before the game starts, gangs unleash a torrent of bets, sometimes employing hundreds of poor workers on laptops. That’s why fixers don’t try too hard to target the Super Bowl, he says, because “the bribes would be so high to convince the athletes to join.”


The same scenario applies to early rounds of major tournaments or late-season national leagues, where one team is desperately trying to either win a trophy or avoid being sent down to a lower league. arrogantly happening daily.”

Tainted referees also are believed to be at the heart of one or more games involving South Africa in 2010, with a FIFA report in December finding “compelling evidence” of match-fixing.

An American diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks quoted the U.S. “Fixing of matches for criminal gambling fraud purposes is absolutely endemic worldwide … Computer experts working for FIFA and UEFA – the European soccer body – monitor more than 31,000 European games and thousands of international matches every year, trying to sniff out the betting spikes that can reveal corruption.

Criminals have targeted every level of the game: the World Cup, regional tournaments such as the Champions League, high-powered divisions like England’s Premier League and Italy’s Serie A, “friendly” exhibition contests between national teams, all the way down to semipro games in the soccer wilderness.

“As a sportsman, I know I destroyed everything, but at the time I was only thinking about my family and setting things right,” Cizmek said in an interview.

Experts interviewed by The Associated Press believe that figure may be low. One World Cup ticket scandal was linked to the family of a senior FIFA vice president while the former head of Zimbabwe’s soccer federation is accused in a corruption scam.

In 2011, Italian defender Simone Farina turned down a fixer’s offer of $261,500 to throw a game and reported it to police, setting off an investigation that led to scores of arrests. Matches also are rigged to propel a team into a higher-ranking division where it can earn more revenue.

Soccer officials are well aware that repeated match-fixing will undermine the integrity of their sport, driving away sponsors and reducing the billion-dollar value of lucrative TV contracts.

So far, however, sports authorities are “proving to be particularly helpless in the face of the transnational resources” available to organized crime, according to a 2012 study on match-fixing. In Italy alone, a recent rigging scandal is estimated to have produced $2.6 billion for the Camorra and the Mafia crime syndicates, Eaton said.

Match-fixing – where the outcome of a game is determined in advance – is used by gambling rings to make money off bets they know they will win. With the rise of online spot betting – wagers made during the game – criminal gangs can predetermine not only the outcome of the match but also make money on bets like how many goals are scored, when they are scored, or who will take a penalty kick.


Almost 40 percent of the eastern European players who reported being asked to fix a game also said they had been victims of violence.

“The scale is such that no country can deal with the problem on its own,” said EU Sport Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou.

Internet betting, emboldened criminal gangs and even the economic downturn have created conditions that make soccer – or football, as the sport is called around the world – a lucrative target.

“Football is in a disastrous state,” said Chris Eaton, director of sport integrity at the International Centre for Sport Security.

Many said they had been approached by match-fixers – an average of 11.9 percent across the region, with spikes in Greece (30 percent) and Kazakhstan (34 percent). They had to cooperate because their careers would be jeopardized,” Dmitrovic told FIFPro, the soccer players’ union.

In the past, the perception was that greedy players were behind match-fixing. “Unless sport organizations are accountable and transparent, they will not have the authority to tackle the problem.”



Globalization has propelled the fortunes of popular soccer teams like Manchester United and showered millions in TV revenue on clubs that get into tournaments like Europe’s Champions League.

Dmitrovic said when fixed games in Serbia were not going according to plan, corrupt referees would step in with questionable calls to “achieve the desired result.”

Norman-Culp is AP’s Assistant Europe Editor in London. Yet a study of eastern Europe released last year by the FIFPro union portrayed a region where players often are not paid for months but instead are intimidated, blackmailed or beaten up.

“It’s definitely beyond and above the world of sport, above and beyond FIFA,” he said. 15, the South Africa Football Association said Perumal allegedly used tainted referees to manipulate games for betting purposes in 2010.

FIFA earned $2.4 billion in broadcast sales linked to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and already has agreed to $2.3 billion in deals tied to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The U.K.’s Premier League earned $2.8 billion in broadcast rights for Britain alone in its last multiyear contract. Until recently, no one – including sports regulators – thought to look for corruption in lower-level leagues. Still, given the vast amount of soccer betting, there’s plenty of money to be made.

Match-fixing has been around for decades, of course, and is not limited to soccer. On Dec. That follows 51 worldwide bans last year – 22 of them for life – on players, officials and referees from Croatia, Finland, Guatemala, Italy, Nicaragua, Portugal, South Korea and Turkey.


“These are real criminals – Italian mafia, Chinese gangs, Russian mafia,” said Sylvia Schenk, a sports expert with corruption watchdog Transparency International.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has proclaimed “zero tolerance” for match-fixing, and FIFA has pledged $27 million to Interpol to fight it. Antonio Conte, coach of the Italian club Juventus – a team whose winning tradition rivals that of baseball’s New York Yankees – returned in December after a four-month ban for failing to report match-fixing.

Goalkeeper Richard Kingson of Ghana says he was offered – but declined – $300,000 to lose a game to the Czech Republic at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Sometimes the threat comes from a teammate. Those situations propel teams upward into a whole new level of revenue or send them tumbling off a financial cliff.

There is also a shift in the traditional match-fixing scenario in which players are paid to lose or referees are paid to make sure one team wins. It was a classic case of a trusted acquaintance approaching a player to throw a match – a method that Forrest’s report says is used often.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is part of a months-long, multiformat AP examination of how organized crime is corrupting soccer through match-fixing, running over four days this week.


Known as “the beautiful game” for its grace, athleticism and traditions of fair play, soccer is under threat of becoming a dirty game.

In four nations – the Czech Republic, Greece, Russia and Kazakhstan – at least 43 percent of players said they knew about tainted games in their leagues.

But prices have gone up. The German magazine Stern later reported that $6.9 million was wagered on the Bulgarian game alone.

Both Schenk and FIFA chief Blatter say whistleblowers must also be protected better.

World Cup and European qualifiers that face uneven matchups are key targets because one team may “have no chance of getting into the tournament,” Forrest said in an interview.

Ninety or so minutes later, the bettors hand over their winnings to the boss.

Gambling on sports generates hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and up to 90 percent of that is bet on soccer, Interpol chief Ronald Noble told the AP in an interview. In a Jan. “We don’t say 0.7 is nothing. The report warned that the risk of soccer “falling into decay in the face of repeated scandals is genuine and must not be underestimated.”

“Our global experience is that referees and assistant referees are the primary target of match-fixers,” the memo said.

The growing threat has prompted the European Union’s 27 nations to unite against match-fixing.

The vast majority of the world’s wagering originates in Asia, according to Forrest, but its own bettors shun that continent’s games for those in Europe because Asian soccer has been so corrupt for years.

“The referees always knew what was going on,” he said.. That led to repeated demands by the fixer, a well-known former coach who used to drink at the same bar as Cizmek’s team. Italy’s Calciopoli investigation found it cost up to $516,000 to fix a match in the top league of Serie A; $155,000 for a fix in the second division and $64,500 for a third-division fixed match.

Cizmek – the Croatian player who said he took $26,100 but handed back all but about $650 to police – says his scars from match-fixing will last a lifetime.

Because scoring in soccer is so low, its referees have an outsized influence on the game. “How could I look them in the eye if I said yes? What kind of husband and father would I be?”

As former Balkan warlords and Chinese businessmen have discovered, owning a club means players don’t need to be paid extra to fix matches; they can just be ordered to lose. Last year, two former heads of China’s soccer federation were sentenced to 10 1/2 years in prison.

FIFA banned the six eastern European officials involved in those games for life.

FIFA has estimated that organized crime takes in as much as $15 billion a year by fixing matches. If there is live wagering – on what the score will be at halftime or other topics – several bets can be made on the same fixed game.

Former player Mario Cizmek of Croatia says he agreed to fix one match in 2011 after he and his teammates had not been paid by his club for more than a year. In Russia – host of the 2018 World Cup – about 10 percent of players had been approached to throw a game.

Match-fixing has also branched out from traditional hotbeds of corruption – Asia and the Balkans – to places like Canada, Finland and Norway, which rank among the least corrupt nations in the world. Sportradar, a company in London that monitors global sports betting, estimates that about 300 soccer games a year in Europe alone could be rigged.

Noble, the Interpol chief, agreed.

In 2011, two friendly matches in the Turkish beach resort of Antalya – one between Bolivia and Latvia, the other between Bulgaria and Estonia – appeared suspicious when all seven goals came from penalty kicks awarded by referees. Despite being honored by FIFA, he found himself shunned by many in Italy who considered him a snitch.

Eaton attributes the surge in match-fixing to an exponential rise in online gambling – “at least 500 percent, and likely far more” – in the last decade.

“It is a small problem, but it’s like a cancer,” Infantino said. We say 0.7 is 0.7 too much. In most sports, the bet you can make is too small.”

This “chairman-to-chairman method” of match-fixing is still common in Russia, Albania and the Balkan nations, according to Forrest’s sports corruption report.

These live bets can “be particularly advantageous for criminals,” according to Forrest’s report, because they increase the number of wagers placed on the same fixed game.

Some top soccer officials shy away from the dire warnings of academics and law enforcement officials. “There’s just more to detect.”

FIFA has been trying to improve its referee ranks with more training and taking proactive measures such as paying referees with checks instead of cash.

Schenk and the players’ union say soccer authorities must also make sure their own ranks are free of corruption. UEFA chief Gianni Infantino said in a statement that, on average, 203 games – 0.7 percent of the matches that UEFA monitors a year – show some signs of irregularities, “which does not mean they are fixed.”

In Finland, eight African players with ties to a Singapore crime gang were banned in 2012 for match-fixing. It has also infected sports like cricket, tennis, horse racing and even volleyball. “You can make serious money only if you can put on (bet) serious money. Their handler, Wilson Raj Perumal, was convicted of fixing games in Finland and is being investigated for allegedly fixing other matches in Europe and Africa. Membership in Europe’s Champions League is worth nearly $60 million a year to each team, according to a lawsuit filed by the Turkish club Fenerbahce.

Forrest’s report said that after the Sept. “It’s fair to say we haven’t caught up to the scale of the problem.”

Zimbabwe’s national team players were threatened at gunpoint in the dressing room and ordered to lose matches by their own soccer officials in 2009, the country’s new federation chief, Jonathan Mashingaidze, said in an interview in December.

Now broke, unemployed and divorced, Cizmek has been sentenced to 10 months in jail by a court in Zagreb.

Still, nothing approaches the scale of the match-fixing allegations now hitting soccer, because of the sheer number of games played and the enormous Asian betting interest in European games, according to David Forrest, an economist at the U.K.’s University of Salford Business School, one of the co-authors of the 2012 report.

ZURICH — Soccer is falling under a cloud of suspicion as never before, sullied by a multibillion-dollar web of match-fixing that is corrupting increasingly larger parts of the world’s most popular sport.

Experts say a typical scenario can go like this: Bookies set the odds for a game, not knowing it has been fixed. “I should have just taken my football shoes and hung them on the wall and said `Thank you, guys’ and gone on to do something else.”

Yildirim was one of 93 people who went on trial in Turkey last year for match-fixing – and only 14 of them were players.


The total amount of money generated by sports betting would equal the gross domestic product of Switzerland, ranked 19th in the world.

In Croatia, court documents show that first-league games in 2010 could be fixed for as little as $25,600.

“I said no because my immediate thoughts were of my wife, son and daughter,” Farina said. He did it by promising rival players a roster spot or arranging for referees who would favor his team.


“There is an increasing worry about gangs taking over football clubs as a way to further match-fixing … The U.S. Corrupt team officials have also dangled career advancement instead of money before vulnerable young players.

John Leicester in Paris, Graham Dunbar in Geneva, Gerard Imray in Johannesburg, Mike Corder in Amsterdam and Menelaos Hadjicostis in Nicosia, Cyprus, contributed to this report.

In January alone, FIFA banned 41 players in South Korea from soccer for life due to match-fixing

What are your English Premier League predictions for 09/10 season?

I think he’ll do a very good job. It’ll be interesting to see how he deals with all the high-profile exits from his squad and if he can end a long wait for trophies. – Player: Zhirkov will be interesting to watch, given some of his exploits (That goal against Hamburg was awesome!). Unlike last season, where the promise was there but no goods delivered, Chelsea will conquer England and Europe.

- Manager: I’d say Ancelotti but as I already chose Chelsea as the club to beat, I’d choose Wenger. I think United and Arsenal will finish third and fourth (not respectively).

- City have a rich strike force and they will get goals, but no place in the CL. 5th place would be realistic.

- Liverpool will push Chelsea, but the loss of Alonso will tell at some point in the season, especially in the big games, and those crucial points hand the title to Chelsea.

- Club: Chelsea. Arsenal to win the Carling Cup.. Arshavin might also stamp his class on the league now that he’s given a full season with no cup-ties to get in the way.

- Losing Ronaldo and Tevez and bringing in Owen and Valencia – Not good enough

Hong Kong For Beginners by Ramon van Meer

Or London with lots and lots and lots of Chinese folks. Most of the time, it is achievable to pay for almost any amount for a hotel room or hostel bed in Hong Kong, based on your funds.

Hong Kong’s weather is virtually always moderate, and can get quite hot and humid throughout the summer. The very best time of year to go to Hong Kong is throughout the autumn, winter and spring while the temperatures are most liveable. From small noodle joints to upscale French restaurant, you’ll locate all sorts of restaurant, eating hall and snack stall on earth in Hong Kong. While a fair enough statement, that still does not do Hong Kong justice, with its myriad of various cultures and lifestyles and cuisines.

It’s ideal to carry light and portable garments that breathes and is relaxing for a day of jogging. Regardless of whether on your 1st visit or your 10th, you can undoubtedly be impressed and astounded through the city’s pulsing existence, hurried pace and frenzy of distinct lifestyles. Your best bet is to catch one of the city’s old street trolleys to Happy Valley

. The very first stop for most visitors is a trip up Victoria Peak Tram, a historic funicular railway that carries people on a near-vertical ascent up to Victoria Peak, the highest point in the city overlooking Hong Kong’s amazing skyline.

What to see

Hong Kong also offers an array of significant museums, or if you’re seeking something a bit more spiritual, you might consider the intense journey up to the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery in Sha Tin, where by countless stairs lead you past hundreds of golden buddha statues to a hilltop monastery.

In Hong Kong’s fashionable Soho area, a series of small avenues stacked upon each other bursting with adorable stores, small dining establishments along with attractive buildings, you might also want to take a ride on the world’s longest escalator, Central-Mid-Levels-Escalator.

Getting Around

Where to stay

Getting to the city is quick, too, with a lot of cheap flights to Hong Kong from most major world cities, including Europe and North America.

Racecourse, where you can certainly watch young horses race on grass under the dim sparkle of tall skyscrapers.

Just what to eat

There are 2 effortless transport possibilities in Hong Kong: the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) and your own 2 feet. On Hong Kong Island, especially in Soho and Central, there are many trendy international restaurants for discerning food lovers.

Hong Kong is also a shopper’s paradise. When booking these kinds of accommodations, make certain you receive confirmation of your bed and be sure to check out the facilities before you pay, mainly because some are fairly grotty.

There is only one thing much better than shopping in Hong Kong, and that is eating. With these 2 tools at your disposal, you can certainly see literally all of Hong Kong. From the boutiques in Soho to the upmarket foreign brand merchants and multi-level department stores in Causeway Bay or perhaps the funky local markets on the Kowloon side of the city, you can more or less discover nearly anything you happen to be after – in most cases at a great price!

What to see in Hong Kong would depend largely on your passions. When you first arrive, you may certainly desire to pick up an Octopus Card, the city’s mass transit refill card which allows you to swipe onto any of the public transport alternatives in Hong Kong, which includes buses and trains. Summer season can be really humid and hot in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is really one of the world’s excellent cities. This is much like the Oyster Card in London.

Upscale choices range from major international hotel brands to local boutique hotels. When you plan to travel during the winter, ensure that you bring at least a light jacket or coat in case of a cold spell.

When to go and exactly what to pack

You may possibly also desire to test Hong Kong’s vivid horse racing tradition. The Kowloon peninsula, specifically the Mong Kok neighborhood, is a destination for local Hong Kong restaurants and snack stalls offering a variety of strange and crazy bites to eat. Hong Kong is one of the world’s true global metropolises – a kind of Gotham City for Asia where pretty much everything you need – be it American donuts or Australian Shiraz – is actually obtainable.

When talking about Hong Kong to pals that have not been there, I always state that it is like London plonked down in the middle of Asia. The majority of Hong Kong’s budget hotel choices can be found along Nathan Road, where some high-raised buildings house youth hostels and guesthouses run by nearby families

Tottenham shock world football with surprise sacking of Harry Redknapp – National Soccer

That’s life, we all move on.

Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy made statement in the Telegraph that the decision to relieve Redknapp was one that was come to with a heavy heart:

The manager was quoted in the Guardian from his morning interview on BBC Radio Five Live in regards to his surprise firing:

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Harry arrived at the club at a time when his experience and approach was exactly what was needed.

Despite his best achievement with the club being as the 2009 Carling Cup runners-up, the club was continuing to go in the right direction under Redknapp. I don’t spend my life holding grudges, thinking about what could have been. Harry will always be welcome at the Lane.

However, Redknapp will unlikely return with a happy heart anytime soon. All you can do is leave the club in a better state than you found it and I did that, for sure.

We finished fourth and were unlucky at the end, but I think the same outcome would have happened. Two time UEFA Champions League qualifiers and consistent threat to the English Premier League’s biggest sides all showed the progress Redknapp had been making each consecutive season.

This decision in no way detracts from the excellent work Harry has done during his time with the club and I should like to thank him for his achievements and contribution. But that is football.

It’s always disappointing but that’s football. That’s their decision.

Enjoy this article? Receive e-mail alerts when new articles are available. Even if we had finished fourth, the chairman would have gone down the same road. It just couldn’t have gone better for me: the football we played, and finishing fourth a couple of years running, fifth the other was year was great. You know I abide by it. Tottenham owner Joe Lewis is now said to be looking at younger managerial candidates such as Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez according to The Sun.

I had four great years at Spurs. So I was lucky.

Reports from all across the English media have confirmed that on the morning of June 14, 2012 Tottenham Hotspur have fired Harry Redknapp. His final result table showed that of the 198 games he was in charge of the club they won 98 and were even with 50 draws and losses each.

Redknapp led the club to a fourth place finish this past 2011-12 season but Chelsea Football Club’s victory in the Champions League saw them steal Tottenham’s place due to the Blues having finished sixth, but being allowed to exercise their returning Champions pass.. The people who run the football club have to make decisions that they think are right and that’s their decision. The manager has led the club to three straight top five finishes but claims that even if he had qualified for the UEFA Champions League he would have been fired.

Redknapp certainly did so after inheriting a squad in late October of 2008 that he could steer to eighth in the league table, but building up the club with strong signings such as Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Jermaine Defoe and Rafael van der Vaart over the years to cement the club as a permanent top six contender.

The fans have just been amazing for me, the support I got at the football club when things were difficult this year, I will never forget that, the way they treated me, they were special, so I’ve got some great memories.

What’s happened is that I’ve met with my chairman and the club has decided that it wants to go in a different direction with the manager. Just click on the “Subscribe” button above.

During his time at Spurs Redknapp marked the best winning percentage of his career at just under 50 percent. But the most sought after target is Everton’s David Moyes.

The only disappointment is that I think it’s a team that could have gone on and won the Premier League in a year or two and I just wish I had been able to see that through and be a part of that.

I’ve had four fantastic years at Tottenham – I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it

Airline Merger Mania: What It’ll Cost You

And if they approve the potential AA-US Airways deal, it won’t get any better.

I had to chuckle about a recent FAA report that ‘tsk-tsked’ about higher ticket prices for passengers, owing, in part, to merger activity, when it’s the feds themselves that approve these deals.

And this isn’t only about domestic airline tie-ups either, with recent “virtual mergers” between U.S airlines and their European and Asian flag-ship carrier counterparts, competition has taken a double hit.

For more travel news and insights view Rick’s blog at farecompare.com

Not surprisingly, a lot of financially-troubled airlines have vanished from the scene in the past decade or so, including iconic names like TWA, as well as Aloha, Skybus, ATA, Midwest Airlines, and so many more.

Other famous airline names now lie buried under coats of paint that once featured the icons of their new merger masters: Continental is now United; Northwest has been subsumed by Delta; AirTran will soon be lost to Southwest; and maybe – maybe – that grand old carrier American Airlines, a stalwart of commercial aviation for the past 78 years, will someday become nothing more than another notch on US Airways’ belt.

A great merger is probably what Messrs. Count on American to wage a vigorous fight against any and all interlopers. For passengers, that’s good news and bad news.

Running an airline is a risky business; it’s a messy, complicated, often money-losing proposition. I’ll bet Time Warner wishes it had been left at the altar after its marriage to AOL imploded. is eventually reduced to just three or four mega-domestic carriers (plus a handful of smaller ones), will the airline industry become “too big to fail,” like the auto industry and the banks? Another way to put that is: Will we have to bail them out, too?

It’s simple economics. If such a merger even comes off at all.

But for airlines – some of them, anyway – merging may be their only shot at staying alive. Airlines too broke to fly don’t get us anywhere.

Sometimes missed chances are a win. Baskin and Robbins had in mind back in 1970 when they began combining pralines and cream, but whether a possible pairing of American Airlines and US Airways can be as successful as the iconic ice cream is unknown. Fewer airlines competing for your business means fewer reasons to drop prices to get that business, and there’s less incentive than ever — thanks to the high price of oil, which remains securely lodged above the $100 per barrel mark (as of this writing).

Or maybe not. It’s fraught with pitfalls like the ever-fluctuating price of jet fuel, which may explain why Delta appears poised to buy an oil refinery despite the fact that it too is a messy, complicated, often money-losing proposition.

Here’s another thought: if the U.S. A couple of years after saying “I do,” the media giant posted a $99 billion dollar loss before the eventual separation.

But running an airline successfully is an especially daunting task; no less a superstar investor than Warren Buffett once said, “I have an 800 number now that I call if I get the urge to buy an airline stock,” adding that his phone buddies then “talk me down.”. But if the bankrupt carrier emerges from its latest crisis only to wind up a US Airways asset, what can flyers expect? Four words: higher prices.

Still, the newly-minted airlines that emerge from bankruptcy and/or merger-mania are healthier and you can’t argue with that

How to Minimize Your Losses at a Casino – Gambling Tips

Here’s an example: Let’s say you are playing the slots and you start with a $20 bill. Play at tables with lower minimum bets if you want to play longer, or max out your bets if you want to win (or lose) quickly.

This is the most important tactic to making sure you don’t go home broke: pocket your winnings. If you’d rather play slots or video poker for a long period of time, play slot or video poker machines with cheaper max bets to maximize your potential winnings. By this, I don’t mean play until you hit big and then quit gambling. If you stick with your limit, you won’t find yourself at the end of the night with your bank account emptied and no way to pay next month’s mortgage.Next, consider what style player you are. Have fun, and be safe. When you get home and find that you “won” back a quarter or half (or more) of the money you spent, you’ll feel much better than if the only thing in your pockets is lint. No one wants to come home from a casino feeling like they just lost their life savings.

First, set a limit on how much you want to spend. Withdraw that amount in cash before going to the casino and leave your debit and credit cards at home (or at least in your hotel room or cabin!). If you’re interested in winning the most in the shortest period of time, play the more expensive slots, but keep in mind you may also lose your money faster. No matter how much you spend, there are several ways to avoid going broke whether you are visiting Las Vegas, cruise ship or Native American casinos. Make sure you have the experience you want to have at the casino by setting up some rules for yourself in advance. If you are concerned you may have a gambling problem, seek help by contacting the National Council on Problem Gambling or calling their 24-hour hotline at the number below.

Whether you are a high roller or a penny slots fanatic, you probably don’t want to go home with empty pockets. Always make your limit the most you are willing to lose or less, since realistically, losing is what happens most at casinos! For example, let’s say you are willing to gamble (and lose) $300. This guide will show you how.

How to Minimize Your Losses at a Casino

. You can of course determine what winning level you want to hit before pocketing the winnings, and how much you want to gamble at each machine or table.If you follow the guidelines in this article, you will ensure that you have fun at the casino while protecting your assets. If you win more than $10 (for a total of $30 including the initial $20), cash out, put the $10 away and gamble with your original $20. Please note: penny slots and video poker seem like they should be cheap, but more often than not, the max bet is actually HIGHER than the nickel or quarter slot machines. If you lose the whole $20, that’s okay, you were planning on spending that anyway, right? Apply the same rules to your next $20 bill. If you prefer table games, the same guidelines apply. Put the winnings in a separate part of your purse or wallet so they won’t get mixed in with your gambling money

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Lady Gaga Poker Face song has talented old man dancing on YouTube! (video)

Lady Gaga’s Poker Face has been one of her biggest hits to date.  It climbed as high as #1 on Billboard charts around the world in many countries, including the United States and UK. It’s not only been a huge pop smash for the Fame Monster herself, but also helped Kid Cudi get a mainstream hip hop track going as well, featuring Kanye West and Common.  Now it’s also helped a grandpa with some serious moves go viral on the world wide web!

In the video which is just over 3:30 in length the man shows he can seriously get down out on the dance floor.  Two other clowns join him, but you can tell they can’t hold a flame to the older dance pro.  His rhythm is downright scary it’s so good.  This guy definitely needs a shot on “America’s Got Talent” or maybe he’ll get a call from Lady Gaga to appear in a future music video.

This video is a serious testament that you can do anything at almost any age!  Check out the moves in the Lady Gaga Poker Face dance video below!

Company Profile for Global Betting & Gaming Consultants

The latest review published October 2008 extends to over 1000 pages.

GBGC’s personnel spend all of their time looking at the gambling market. In addition to monitoring all of the specialist industry press, both domestic and international, the company also benefits from a daily electronic press cutting service that covers more than 2,000 publications worldwide. As a result in this instance we would be able to offer knowledge of the European, Australian North South American and Asian gambling markets.


–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) was established by its Chief Executive and founder Warwick Bartlett during 1998.

Lorien Pilling

CEO: Warwick Bartlett

The statistics and forecasts that are contained within the Global Gambling Report have become widely recognised, within the industry, the financial community and the Media, as the industry standard for sizing both the online and offline gambling markets. This is monitored on a daily basis with a newsfeed service being provided at www.gbgc.com.



Main Telephone:

GBGC also provided the data on Internet gambling to lawyers representing the government of Antigua in its case against the United States at the WTO.


Public Relations

Headquarters Address:


With an international focus GBGC are able to offer clients an additional perspective gained from researching markets, working on projects and attending/speaking at conferences around the world. The company has work with or supplied information to over 400 clients the majority of whom are ‘blue chip’.



Type of Organization:

In addition GBGC could offer the added value of the knowledge of over 200 additional betting, gaming and lottery markets around the world and would be able to instantly highlight any relevant comparators, etc. We have advised the Government of Botswana on the implementation of their new Gambling Act.



GBGC’s combination of operational and financial experience combined with our gambling industry focus, our extensive network of contacts and that fact that we are regarded as an independent commentator on the industry means that we are able to scratch the surface and get to the bottom of issues which can sometimes be clouded by data alone.

COO: Mark Pilkington


Projects have included market research/assessments, business/facility planning, product evaluations, design/operational reviews, the development/review of corporate strategies, license applications, regulation development for and on behalf of governments, IPOs, M and A and due diligence. Bartlett has an extensive track record in the gambling industry spanning some 40 years.

Public Relations





Our client base ranges from leading financial institutions such as UBS and Dresdner Kleinwort to William Hill plc



Global Betting and Gaming Consultants

Key Executives:


In addition to its consultancy GBGC has produced four reviews of the global gambling market that have been widely acknowledged to be the best available both in terms of both their detail and accuracy. As a result they have a much more in depth understanding of the key issues and the direction that market

Castletown, OTHER IM9 1AB

United Kingdom



Warwick Bartlett

Bartlett was advisor to The Government of Malta for two years and our advice helped Malta establish itself as the leading off shore gambling jurisdiction. Typically clients include, operators, monopolies/lotteries, suppliers, investment banks, the major consultancies, and governments.


Private. GBGC also keeps abreast of all the latest corporate news in the sector as the company publishes the quarterly GBGC50 and iGBGC indices.

2nd Floor , 8-10 Malew Street


Head Of Research: Lorien Pilling

GBGC’s tracks market data, regulation and industry news as it happens. Consequently GBGC are the most widely quoted source of industry data in share prospectuses and analysts’ notes as well as on TV/Radio and in publications as diverse as the Financial Times, Forbes, Time Magazine, BBC Radio 4, BBC Breakfast, ITN news, the Economist and Fortune magazine.


GBGC has established itself as the most credible specialist international gambling consultancy in the world