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10 NEW (Sky Sports, 12 23 MA (Sky Sports, 5 30 MA (BT Sport, 12.4 DECEMBER 4 FUL 7 SUN 14 LIVERPOOL H21 Southampton A M HH AHAH AHA AHAH TON HA ND HAHA A A H 17 FAF CUP FINAL (Wembley)(Fixtures correct at the time of going to print)VERTONGHEN Appearances App 34 Minutes On Pitch 3,060 Goals 4 Mins per goal Mpg 765 Shots On Target g 10 Shots OffTarget g 13 Shooting Accuracy y 43% Chance Conversion 17% Blocked Shots 16 Goal Assists 3 Duels 316 Duels won 66% Tackles made 104 Tackles won 81% Fouls 23 Fouls won 23 PL stats last season (Opta)

Andre Villas-Boas’ side made more clearances than any other top-flight side last season (1,595).

Steve Stammers Opta STATATTACK Tottenham were not awarded a single penalty kick in 2012-13 – only five other sides were not awarded a penalty in a PL campaign before last season, the most recent instance being Charlton Athletic in 2004-05.

Spurs had the best shooting accuracy in the Premier League last season (49.4%).

Tottenham scored 16 goals from outside the box (Bale with nine of them), more than any other side.

[euro]58,000 Pick Vertonghen in your Fantasy Football team FANTASY Football with PS5.5m

Byline: Steve Stammers

TEAMTALK A FIFTH -place finish was acceptable for a firstseason for boss Andre Villas-Boas.

New man Paulinho is an interesting signing and maybe he can add that missing ingredient.

But what Tottenham lacked was that edge, that winning mentality, which saw them fail too often at a major obstacle. Defensively, Tottenham are sound enough, but they are still in need of more incisive options up front.

The North London side had 241 Premier League shots on target in 2012/13, more than any other side.

Tottenham’s total of 72 points is the highest ever total for a top-flight team finishing outside the top four in a 38-game season. Spurs’ total would have been enough to finish second in 2010-11.

AT WHITE HART LANE Jan Vertonghen Overshadowed by Bale last season, but a rock at the heart of Spurs’ defence.

Under AVB, they played a brand of football that was easy on the eye.

AUGUST 18 C PA (Sky Sports, 1. 25 SWA SEPTEMBE 1 ARS (Sky Sports, 4 14 NO 21 CAR 28 CHE (BT Sport, 12.4 OCTOBT ER 5 WES 20 AST (Sky Sports, 4 26 HUL NOVO EMBE 3 EVE (Sky Sports, 1. I f 55.3 Villas-Boas can add that quality, Tottenham will be t top-four contenders.

Midfield star Gareth Bale (left) scored more goals from outside the area than any other player in Europe last season with nine.

Salvatore Di Maria. The Italian Tragedy in the Renaissance.

1) the function of Cinquecento theater both as a reflection of aspects of contemporary culture and as a decisive factor in the making of social history since, as he shows, it was a forum for debating such cultural issues as the political nature of kingship and the questione della donna.

Lewisberg and London: Bucknell University Press, 2002. He then seeks (pt. As a corollary to this discussion, Di Maria convincingly reconstructs the stage setting of Aretino’s Orazia from verbal indications given by the characters.

The idea informing the five chapters that constitute part 1 of this volume is that Renaissance tragedians, while frequently adapting the works of Sophocles, Euripides, and Seneca, did so in such a way that their dramas had contemporary relevance. 2) to determine the literary and dramaturgical innovations that contributed toward the revival of tragedy in the Italian Renaissance.

Di Maria’s scholarship in this study is exemplary. + 272 pp. In an annotation to his discussion, in chapter 8, of three dramatic interpretations of the Dido myth, Di Maria could well be referring to Renaissance tragedy as a whole when he states: “To my knowledge, no scholar has yet examined these tragedies [by Pazzi, Giraldi, and Dolce] from the theatrical point of view. 11 pls. Settings and costumes were modernized, mythological characters were portrayed as barons and knights, religious belief was expressed in Christian, rather than pagan, terms so as to maximize verisimilitude and thus audience involvement as well. In the conflicting perspectives of the role of the female heroine, the audience was implicitly invited to participate in a debate over the relative status of women.

The process of adapting tragedies so that they could be staged successfully was slow.


La Trobe University

. Herrick’s Italian Tragedy in the Renaissance and Joseph S. The sometimes Italianate nature of his English translations of quotations and occasional typographical errors in no way detract from the considerable merits of this study, which admirably fulfils its stated purpose of reevaluating Italian Renaissance tragedy. Kennard’s The Italian Theatre were published in the 1960s. He identifies the use of perspective as the first and, arguably, the most important contribution to the staging of tragedy as it allowed for a new conception of dramatic space, which could include any location within earshot of the spectators. The spectators “visualize” what is happening close to them: they hear both the victim’s dying words and an eyewitness’ description of the deed, followed by its perpetrator’s admission of guilt. Performance gave rise to significant innovations in the genre, which Di Maria discusses in the second part of his study. The stage itself thus became a decoding center for all dramatic events, especially those taking place on “stages” outside the viewing area. ISBN: 0-8387-5490-2. Critical attention has focused mostly on their literariness, plot structure, source material, themes, characters, and tragic conflicts” (254, n. In chapter 7, “Representing the Unrepresentable: The Hic et Nunc of Tragedy,” Di Maria again uses Orazia and Orbecche to illustrate this device.

Whereas considerable critical attention has been focused recently on sixteenth-century Italian comedy, little advance has been made in the scholarship relating to Renaissance tragedy since Marvin T. $46.50. In order to redress this situation, Di Maria first investigates (pt. Although tragedies had been written since the beginning of the sixteenth century, Di Maria points out that Giraldi Cinthio’s Orbecche was the first tragedy to be represented on stage (1541). The importance that Di Maria places on the spectators of these tragedies as mediators/interpreters between the fictional world of the stage and the sociopolitical reality from which they come is consistent with his aim to broaden the study of tragedy so as to include its theatrical features, its non-verbal and semiotic aspects no less than its literary text. In the tyrant king’s downfall, for instance, audiences recognized the rejection of Machiavelli’s amoralism and an emerging political philosophy more consonant with the prevailing values of the Counter Reformation. Besides his familiarity with both the Italian and French theater of the times, he makes profitable and extensive use both of correspondence to and by the playwrights discussed and of contemporary treatises on theater. 14).

Not only did this expansion of dramatic space heighten significantly the verisimilitude of the performance, but it also enabled the direct staging of violence, which conflicted with the Horatian notion of decorum, to be replaced with the verbal reporting of it. Moreover, previous scholarship has been very limited in its scope

Strictly champ Harry Judd on his night with Lindsay Lohan

I left at eight oclock next morning.

Lohan has denied any encounter but Harry is happy to set the record straight.

I didnt s**g her but we spent the night and had a fumble, he said. I knew then that I couldnt ever be without her.

Her support paid off on Saturday night, when Harry lifted the Strictly trophy at Blackpools Tower Ballroom after beating Chelsee Healey and Jason Donovan.

Harrys seemingly effortless routines dazzled 13.3million viewers on BBC1 but a series of disasters in practice earlier in the day with his pro partner Aliona threatened to scupper his bid.

I forgot some moves, he said. I never thought Id do Strictly. Im lucky to have her.

Harry Judd with his girlfriend

The pair began dating three years ago, but split after 18 months due to work pressures. Thankfully, Holly Valance stepped in and offered her boyfriends Rolls-Royce, before they flew up to the seaside town in a private jet.

And there was almost another disaster as Harry was pronounced champ when his McFly bandmates invaded the stage and frightened the life out of Sir Bruce Forsyth. It was a laugh and we just wanted to congratulate Harry.

The boys will all be back in the studio soon although Brucie reckons Harry could make a living out of dancing.

He said: Im not sure if that is entirely true but it is kind of Bruce to say. He gushed: Shes the only girl in the world for me, I absolutely know 100% that in her I have found The One, and yes I do want marriage, kids, the whole deal. I only ever used to drink to get drunk. I was feeling pretty anxious. Everyone was reassuring us, Dont worry, bad dress run, good show. But I was really nervous. We did things teenagers do. I could drink if I wanted, but I dont. Thankfully I passed out and next thing I knew the alarm was going off.

Aliona Vilani dancing with Harry Judd (pic: BBC)

There was more drama on the day when contestant Nancy DellOlio refused to travel to Blackpool on the chartered BBC coach. And we cant wait to get back on the road. The dress run was pretty disastrous. It has been an absolute honour to be on the same show as Bruce.

The McFly boys have been recording new material and demos while I have been doing this. The tough thing is there is an amazing crew on Strictly and theyve all been saying, Well have a drink tonight Harry, and I feel like, How am I going to explain this? I dont enjoy drinking any more. One of the things I was most pleased of is that I held my nerve.

. Im happy to be back on drums.

Dancing on Strictly is 10 times more nerve-racking than being on stage with McFly. And he revealed that one day theyll marry. Tom Fletcher, who was shooed off by the host, said: I think Brucie thought we were streakers. We wanted to streak but I dont think the BBC would be too happy about that. I was 17 and I was about to do my AS levels. We went far enough but not the full home run.

Lindsay Lohan

It was certainly an eye-opening experience for Harry, who just two years before was boarding at Uppingham, the 20,000-a-year school which boasts Stephen Fry among its former pupils.

Harry, who grew up in Chelmsford, Essex, was in the sixth-form at the posh Rutland school when he saw an advert offering auditions for the pop band McFly.

My parents werent keen on me joining McFly, he said. Lindsay invited me back to her hotel. We will be happy to get back into the studio and touring in March and April. When weve had high pressured gigs Ive always thought Im so glad Im a drummer. Then Izzy, after six months apart, turned up unexpectedly one day on his doorstep. And then in the Argentine tango I tripped her up and we had to miss a whole section. But Strictly has given me more confidence.

Youd be surprised how much self-doubt people have. My dad really wanted me to finish school and do a degree, but I argued that doing this was the experience I needed.

It was weird, because once Id met the other guys I never had a second of doubt that we were going to make it.

My parents were incredible after a few sessions they just said theyd support me.

The band Harry, Im A Celebrity winner Dougie Poynter, Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones has since clocked up 18 Top 20 singles, seven of which hit No1 in the UK, and scooped a Brit Award.

Harry spent a lot of the early years in a drunken pop star haze but hes since kicked the booze. She was standing there in tears with make-up running down her face, said Harry.

AS the clean-cut pop star on Strictly, handsome Harry Judd has danced his way into the nations hearts.

The lovable boy-next-door drummer from McFly was finally crowned Strictly champion on Saturday night after a string of spectacular ballroom routines.

However, he wasnt so graceful on his feet the morning he stumbled from Hollywood wild child Lindsay Lohans hotel room.

Lohan, who has had lengthy battles with drink and drugs, made a beeline for former public schoolboy Harry on the set of the movie Just My Luck back in 2005.

The film featured a cameo by the boys from McFly who were playing themselves and lead actress Lohan took a real shine to the bands pretty-boy drummer.

Harry, who is now head-over-heels in love with his long-term partner Izzy Johnston, recalled: At the time I thought, This is awesome. I almost dropped Aliona. Obviously Dougie has been in the jungle. It has been very emotional and I was on the verge of crying all day.

The night before the final I was with Izzy in a hotel room and I started to work myself up a bit. Id rather get to bed, as Im so exhausted.

At the beginning of the series, Harry moved in with his girlfriend Izzy Johnston, 27, a member of all-girl electro-string quartet Escala, who got to the finals of 2008s Britains Got Talent. I forever doubted myself and every Saturday I was thinking, This is too much, I cant do it, but Aliona has helped me. The 25-year-old said: I stopped drinking last year and that has been a good thing for me on Strictly as Ive had no hangovers and Ive been really able to focus

Chelsea target January swoop for Lyon star Lacazette

True or not, they’re always entertaining…

Carlo Ancelotti has been contacted by Liverpool with a view to taking over from the under-pressure Brendan Rodgers.

Chelsea will try to sign France international Alexandre Lacazette, 24, from Lyon in January, although Arsenal and Liverpool are also interested in the forward.

Meanwhile, Blues captain John Terry remains confident of signing a new one-year deal despite being dropped.

Phil Jones is in line for an unexpected comeback after Marcos Rojo failed to flag up an injury and triggered a mini defensive crisis at Old Trafford.

Arsene Wenger has warned Olivier Giroud that he is no longer Arsenal’s first-choice striker.

Norwich rebel Lewis Grabban will return to the squad against West Brom as Alex Neil refuses to ‘hold grudge’.

Manchester United are facing a defensive crisis after Louis van Gaal falls out with Marcos Rojo again.

Meanwhile, former United manager Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to sign Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany back in 2004.

Marcos Rojo plans to stay at Manchester United – despite his summer spat with Louis van Gaal.

Chelsea and doctor Eva Carneiro have parted company with the Blues potentially facing an expensive legal battle.

Arsenal and England winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 22, must have “more confidence in his talent”, says Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.

Newcastle United boss Steve McClaren is already looking at strengthening his squad in January, despite spending 50m in the summer.

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed he considered a move to sign Mario Balotelli before the controversial Italian striker signed for Manchester City.

Chelsea skipper John Terry, 34, is refusing to give up on his Chelsea career and believes he can earn a new contract at Stamford Bridge.

A Spanish state prosecutor is investigating midfielders Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano for alleged tax fraud.

The Major League Soccer Players Union has released salary details of players in the league with Brazil’s Kaka top earner at $6.6m (4.3m) a year, while former Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard is on $6.2m (4m).

David Seaman has admitted that he very nearly joined Manchester United before deciding to switch to Arsenal instead.

Newcastle will undertake a major transfer policy review after the club’s nightmare start to the season.

Liverpool coach Gary McAllister says the club will manage striker Daniel Sturridge with care as he continues his recovery following a lengthy lay-off.

Former England goalkeeper David Seaman says he was “very close” to joining Manchester United, before opting for Arsenal in 1990.

Angel Di Maria says he ‘has a smile on his face every day’ now he has left Manchester United.

Barcelona have asked the Spanish federation and FIFA to allow them to play Turkey midfielder Arda Turan because of Rafinha’s long-term knee injury.


Every day we’ll bring you the very latest tabloid rumors as the biggest clubs around look to splash the cash to bolster their rosters

What are the 10 best soccer players ever?

Retired from international duty early just one goal short of Bobby Charlton’s record. Zinedine Zidane

The man with the audacity to chip a penalty in the World Cup final but also with the integrity to give a man a headbutt when he deserved it even though it meant missing out on the World Cup. Ronaldo

Injury is probably the only reason he is not top of this list. Alfredi DiStefano

Lead the great Réal Madrid side that won 5 European Cups. Always ready to score or set up a vital goal in style, for example “that goal” in the 2002 Champions League final.

8. Still managed to become the all time top scorer of the World Cup. Sheer power, speed and creativity along with a deadly shot with either foot and incredible dibbling ability made Ronaldo a legendary player.

10. Never afraid to tell someone where to go when he had a problem and always had a simple and brutal assessment of himself and his team. If God had a first tough he would still be jealous of Zidane. Played all over the pitch and had endless stamina. Stayed at one club for his entire career too.

5. Goal record considering he is a winger is what makes him better though.

7. Always stayed loyal to Santos and only moved after his prime. The one who inspired many of the greats.

2. Would have easily beaten it had he wanted.

9. Never even got booked in his career. Played at RB, LB, CB, SW and CDM. George Best

Possibly a greater dribbler than Garrincha himself. Paolo Maldini

Became greater than Baresi or Mattheus from longevity, versatility, captaining ability and calmness in the tackle. Fernando Hierro

His versatility was priceless to Réal Madrid and Spain in the 1990′s. The greatest captain of them all. Ferocious tackling, killer passing and an eye for important goals only meant half as much as that calming and organising influence he has on his team. See Champions League final 2nd leg 1999.. Roy Keane

The heartbeat of the Manchester United side that dominated from the mid 1990′s until the early 2000′s. Gary Lineker

Greatest goal poacher of them all. Pelé

When he was only 17 he was the star of a World Cup. Great leader, great composure, incredible scoring record.

6. Eusebio

Stayed at Benfica for his entire career.

His goal record speaks volumes. 1. The only truly complete player.

3. Nerves of steel meant he could score two goals in the 1998 World Cup final. Sacrificed all for his team (including the Champions League final 1999) but for what he believed was right (World Cup 2002). But when you see some of them you truly understand.


A star is born at White Hart Lane

As Christmas creeps closer, Rodgers will learn if Liverpool’s American owners have a sense of humour or not.

But try telling that to the bumpkin billionaires making fine messes of their title challenges.

Without hitting their stride, without finding a regular playing pattern and without an obvious goal supply beyond a promising teenager, United find themselves top of the table.

With the obvious exception of jubilant Manchester United supporters, few are being fooled by the erratic start to the Premier League season.

1. The Hammers still make less sense than Donald Trump’s hairstyle.

That doesn’t say much about van Gaal’s men, but it says a hell of a lot about their inconsistent competition.

By full time, both men had earned a reprieve and Brendan Rodgers was destined for the chop because the Liverpool manager is getting sacked every week.

Despite a damning record that shows seven defeats and just 16 goals scored in Liverpool’s last 16 league games and the Reds usually veering between terrible to merely tedious, Rodgers is nothing if not defiant.

David de Gea would get in of course and then, well, erm, that’s probably it. That’s laugh-out-loud funny. Well, yes.

Last week, the round-up concluded by extolling the virtues of West Ham.

He’s also a tad deluded. The instructions are pretty clear.

Tottenham’s stars all delivered in their second-half masterclass of attacking football against City, but none shone brighter than Asia’s Son.

Instead, he said: “I am the same guy who nearly won us the league, but better.”

They chased him like a dog chasing its own tail, with a similar outcome and sense of public embarrassment.

Taking nothing away from United’s steady, but largely unremarkable, rise to an early peak, consider their line-up.

The same could be said of both Arsenal and Chelsea, but their options are less obvious. Louis van Gaal’s transitional side are looking good, thanks in large part to skittish behaviour of their rivals.

The more things change at West Ham, the more they stay the same. Defend! Clear the ball!

Commentators are combusting at the prospect of the most open race in years, but so is an egg-and-spoon dash between wheezing parents on a school sports day.

Rare quality is in short supply. Rodgers still leads sack race

The fickleness of the annual sack race surpassed itself at the weekend.

Before kick-off, Steve McClaren was on his way. One of the most popular chants at Jalan Besar and S.League games has always been, “defend, clear the ball”, which offers no ambiguity. That’s Ricky Gervais, as clueless middle manager David Brent in The Office, funny.

But Rodgers (below) still leads the way, despite the narrow victory against relegation contenders Aston Villa.

The South Korean ran the engine room. Asia has a new star. Whether Reds fans still find him funny is a moot point. He’s still only 23 and yet it was man against the boys Fernandinho and Fernando.

Instead, a team with one of the best away records continue to have one of the worst at home, which is ludicrous.

4. Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker both started at Leicester and Chelsea’s only alternative is John Terry. Vincent Kompany is needed quickly to restore order.

2. West Ham same but different

His biggest enemy remains himself. After defeating Arsenal, Liverpool and City on the road, Hammers coach Slaven Bilic said there was now an assumption that they should beat Norwich at home. His neat interplay with Kane will allow the striker to score on a regular basis again, with the young Englishman already complementing the creative force behind him.

Nicolas Otamendi finds himself in the unenviable position of being a class act surrounded by clowns. After an hour, he was the Messiah and Mourinho was a very naughty boy.

Manchester City’s house of cards tumbled down with just a little puff from Tottenham’s midfield.

How many would usurp any of United’s title winners in their pomp?

Against Norwich, they were rubbish. Don’t confuse quantity with quality

3. At City, Chelsea and Arsenal, pace is proving hard to come by at the back.

His industry was obvious, but it’s important not to bury the South Korean beneath lazy cliches about Asian work-rate.

On a middling budget, they retired the parked bus and played with panache and counter-attacking verve to win at Manchester City.

Son can really play. When his boys beat a poor side, he might have been better served acknowledging the fortuitous nature of the win while promising to address the nagging, defensive flaws in training.

At the base of an attacking diamond that included Eriksen on the left, Erik Lamela on the right and Kane at the apex, Son was outstanding.

Fernandinho and Fernando proved yet again that their names are about the only similarities the two middle men share, displaying the familiarity of a couple on a blind date.

Harry Kane ended his goal drought and Christian Eriksen’s performance had a certain flashiness to it, but Son Heung Min stoked Tottenham’s fire against Manchester City.

Now, that’s funny. Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney can’t trump their younger selves, Anthony Martial is young, gifted, but too new to pass judgment, Juan Mata remains a model of inconsistency and the back four are still in search of their best back four.


German Bundesliga Title Contenders and Surprise Packages in 15/16

But I’m sure this year the new club leaders made some good decisions. But the odds could be against them, because they never won the champioinship four times in a row. He is always prepared to know the opponent’s most thorough detail and exploit their weakness. one contender was VFL Wolfsburg, the Volkswagen Club had a great run with their playmaker Kevin De Bruyne, who scored 10 goals and gave 21 assists. The former club leaders caused mayhem and it takes some time to clean up the mess. Players like Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who was already stigmatized as a bad transfer, find their strength through the trust Tuchel gives them. Dortmund’s great start into this Bundesliga season and their strong offensive players makes them my no. Firstly he has to familiarise with the team and that can take some time – time you don’t have to play a major role in the Bundesliga championship.

But there is Borussia Dortmund with their new head coach Thomas Tuchel. And this is my result for the final table:

Gladbach has a great coach! Lucien Favre is the mastermind and creator of the team who has rised from a relegation candidate to a Champions League contender. one contender for Bayern Munich. They could’ve in 1975, 1988 or 2002, but their series got stopped in those seasons. Draxler is a huge talent, but I don’t think he will show his potential on the pitch. Anyhow, they won’t be able to stop them, because Bayern’s team and coach have the experience and the hunger to win the triple this year and that’s only possible by winning the fourth championship in a row.

Last years high flyer this years problem child?

Besides the top three we have clubs who had a great season 14/15 like Gladbach or underdog Augsburg. one problem child and relegation subscriber was Hamburger SV. But this year both of them will struggle to continue with a great performance, like the past season.. Even when Wolfsburg gets 75 million dollars for letting him go, they need to find an adequate substitute, which isn’t that easy. And it will hit them even harder. However, this time they won’t be stopped and here are the reasons why.

Who is the no. They had an awesome start into the championship and Tuchel is a great tactician. Last years no. But this year they will have a hard time with the increased no. The same thing Augsburg will have to face. Moreover he is a great communicater. of games due to their Champions League participation. But that guy is leaving for Manchester City. Augsburg will have problems because of their matches in the Euro League which will take it out of them.


Using the prognosis tool, I forecasted every Bundesliga match. one contender?

Last year’s no. For me Augsburg could struggle to stay in the Bundesliga.

Bayern Munich can make history this season – again…

This seasons favorite for the title is the mighty Bayern Munich. I guarantee Hamburger SV will finish this year without playing the relegation round.

Candidates for leaving the Bundesliga are Hanover, Ingolstadt, Darmstadt and Berlin. Maybe Max Kruse or the last minute transfer Julian Draxler from Schalke 04 can step into the playmaker role, but I doubt that Wolfsburg will be able to challenge Bayern Munich. In my opinion Augsburg and Stuttgart are in the wider circle of Bundesliga strugglers

Louis van Gaal vs David Moyes stats

As shown in a report by the Daily Mirror, the Dutchman has won 27 games from his first 50 matches, the same amount as Moyes did in his 51 games in total.

Despite spending nearly four times as much as Moyes did, Van Gaal has largely brought the same results, though he fares worse in one or two areas.


Manchester United transfer news: Goalkeeper still wants exit as Ligue 1 giants join chase

727m!? Real Madrid reveal what it would take to sign Manchester United target

Manchester United transfer news

This is certainly not enough of an improvement considering the investment that has gone into the team, with big-money flops like Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao highlighting LVGs struggle to really influence his side and command the players respect.

United have conceded fewer goals than under Moyes, but have also managed fewer clean sheets 18, as opposed to 21 in 2013/14.

Criticised for being boring to watch under Moyes, the same could be said of United now, with the team scoring even fewer goals per game (1.62) than under the Scot (1.69).

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is lucky to be avoiding the kind of criticism that plagued David Moyes in his short Old Trafford career, as the Dutchman is largely doing worse than his predecessor.

Louis van Gaal vs David Moyes revealing stats make worrying reading for LVG.

International Politics |

Learn about the definition of irredentism…

Difference Between Open and Closed Primary Elections

Difference between open and closed primary elections

Nominations are an important part of an election process. Elections are held to decide a representative. The top military powers around the world strive for excellence and maximum strike power, and arm themselves well, so as to deter hostile nations from…

History and Meaning of the Whip System in Politics

Meaning of whip in politics

The job of the party leader is being the face of the party, but the actual job of overlooking the party members on legislative votes, performing day-to-day political tasks, and ensuring discipline within the party is performed by…

How Irredentism Influenced Various Countries of the World

Irredentism example

Irredentism is a political movement seen all over the world, throughout history. As a singular trigger behind most wars that have taken place, this is one movement which cannot be ignored. It later became a part of the US containment policy to control the spread of communism during the Cold War.

Biggest Political Scandals of All Time

South Carolina Scandal

Political scandals have existed since the birth of this field. However, there are still a number of countries where dictators are at the helm…

Countries that have Dictatorial Governments

Countries with dictatorship governments have had a history of instability, poor governance and infrastructure, troubles with law and order, and a complete disregard for human rights. Is it the power, money, or fame that drives these elected candidates to get into some dirty business? When the secrets are revealed, the “other” side of the…

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What is the Meaning of Statism?

Meaning of statism

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USA and Russia have highest nuclear arsenal

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. So what is it with the terms – ‘Government’ and ‘Politics’? In this article, I have endeavored…

Dollar Diplomacy

Dollar diplomacy, a foreign policy of the United States of America, saw its emergence by increasing its sphere of influence through economic means. Unfairly enough, it is the dictators who keep…

Difference Between Government and Politics

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Things to Consider Before Starting a Political Party

Thing to consider before starting a political party

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Liverpool FC transfer rumours: Reds battle Manchester United for Brazil youngster

Oya has now signed his first long-term contact with the club.

Oya has been compared to both Neymar and Kaka, and is believed to be one of the most promising young players in Brazil. He has won the Club World Cup at U17 level, scoring in the final.. “Realization of a dream! First professional contract with Corinthians signed! Thank you sir.” the player tweeted this week.

Watch: See Fabricio Oya score for Corinthians

IN PICTURES: Players linked with a move to Liverpool this summer

VIEW GALLERY Germany's Mario Gotze celebrates with the World Cup
Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Andrew Boyers

Liverpool FC and Manchester United are set to do battle on the pitch this weekend – but they’ve staged a few battles in the transfer market in recent months as well.

The Reds and their bitter rivals went head-to-head for Memphis Depay in the summer, with Man United coming out on top.

And then they fought over Roberto Firmino, if reports can be believed, and this time Liverpool were the victors.

It appears that they could be doing battle once again, with reports in Brazil saying both clubs have made proposals for teenager Fabricio Oya – but this time, both clubs may miss out.

According to a report of, the Reds and Man United made proposals for the 16-year-old in the summer which were swiftly rejected by his club, Corinthians